Contracts and escrow documents and living trusts, oh my! So goes the life of a notary public in Los Angeles. When you’re a traveling notary constantly on the go, the OH MY part is definitely emphasized. Lucky for you, Jeanette R Atlas of My Mobile Notary LA isn’t fazed by the hustle and bustle; she’ll get where you need her to be on time and ready to notarize all your important documents. Here’s a

"mobile notary"

little glimpse into the life of a mobile Los Angeles notary:

It’s 5 AM and the alarm goes off. The mobile notary jumps out of bed, turns on the coffee pot and hops in the shower. The first appointment of the day is at 7:30 AM; there’s a living trust that needs to be notarized in Beverly Hills. That’s followed by some contracts that need notarizing at 9 AM in Studio City—first two jobs are not too far away from each other, great! Then it’s off to Long Beach for a little lunch time notarizing on another living trust. The next few stops are West Hollywood, Redondo Beach, Pacific Palisades and then back to Studio City for two appointments only blocks away from one another—Score! Finally, it’s time to go home and relax…That is until 9 PM hits and someone in Los Feliz calls in a panic because they need some very important documents notarized before midnight! The work of a traveling notary public is never done…

Whatever your notary needs, whatever time of day, wherever you need us to go, give us a call here at My Mobile Notary LA and we’ll be there when you need us.